tradigiTOOLS' future

15/11 Hello tradigiTOOLS users,

We have shut down our online store and temporarily switched our forums off while we make adjustments. We regret to inform our users that tradigiTOOLS licenses will no longer be sold however we do plan on releasing the tradigiTOOLS plug-in to open source communities to help continue to develop and expand upon it's capabilities and allow future releases to be free of charge. After several years of development and maintenance of the plugin, we feel it's time to move on and concentrate on other aspects of our business and professional lives.

For those of you still interested in using tradigiTOOLS and have not purchased or obtained a license please feel free to contact me at and I will send you links to the installers and generate a license for you free of charge (that may take some time though so please be patient). In the next few month we will release the tool to open source communities without the built in license dependancy and users will be able to acquire future updates and releases via these new avenues.

We thank you all for your support and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our user base.

Respectfully yours,
Dimos Vrysellas
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tradigiTOOLS for Maya 2013 and 2014 and MORE!!!

14/06 We've just finished testing tradigiTOOLS for Maya 2013 and 2014 for MacOSX and Windows. All seems to be working well. We now have versions of the plug-ins that work on Linux but we need folks to test it out.

Please note we only support 64bit versions now and have dropped 32 bit support for future releases.

See Link for further information...

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Online Shop links

22/06 Sorry for any inconvenience but there are some issues with our link to our online shop. The branded link ( seems to be broken and we are working with our online shop providers to remedy the issues. You can however access our online shop by using the direct link...

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will notify you all of any changes as soon as they happen. Please pass along the news.

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February Frenzy Sale!!! 25% off ALL licenses!!!

02/02 Hello friends,

Just to say thank to our users and to help bring on more users to our community...

FUNhouse Interactive is extending a month long sale of all tradigiTOOLS licenses. That's right ALL license are 25% off the regular price. Single seats and multiple seat license for schools and studios! Please use the coupon code below at our on-line STORE when purchasing for the tradigiTOOLS license of your choice.


Also, please be aware that tradigiTOOLS does work on Maya versions 7.x through to 2012 SP1. Please see the previous News (CLICK HERE) item for further information and links to downloads if you need to track down the correct installers for your version of Maya.

Please spread the word to your friends, schools, studios and colleagues. Your continued support is appreciated!

Best Wishes!

The FUNhouse Interactive Team
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Links to Installers and Community Boards

23/01 Hello again FUNhouse friends!

We've had to temporarily shut the Community Boards down for a while as we make some updates and/or upgrade to our forum's software. Unfortunately that means access to downloads to installers and updates are no longer available so we've decided to post those link in this news update for our users convenience. Please forgive the inconvenience while we make some changes.

We appreciate you're continued support!

Please click on link to Read more and access links to the installers...

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Now Accepting PayPal

10/01 Hello FUNhouse friends!!! We're happy to inform you that we have now started accepting PayPal as a payment method in our shopping carts. Please spread the word and let everyone you know that may be interested that we now offer this option. Thank you for your continued support!

Happy New Year!
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tradigiTOOLS for Maya 2012 on MacOSX

21/07 Hello tradigiTOOLS users,

Below is a link to an update for the MACOSX version of tradigiTOOLS for Maya 2012. This brings the MacOSX version inline with the Windows version to v1.3 which corrects some minor issues that were already fixed in the Windows 1.3 version. We apologize to our MacOSX customers for any inconvenience.

Windows users do not need to download or re-install the packages again.

tradigiTOOLS v1.3 for MacOSX


-The FUNhouse Interactive Team
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tradigiTOOLS for Maya 2012

12/07 ***NOTICE***

We've just released an update that adds support for Maya 2012 for Windows and MacOSX to tradigiTOOLS v1.x. The links provided in the discussion on our Community Boards (see link below) supply zip files with installers for MacOSX and Windows respectively and are NOT included in the original 1.21 installers one can purchase from the online shop. If you have a license already you do not need to purchase anything new. This is a FREE update to our customers. If you do not have a license for the plug-in you must purchase and install the original installer, place the license file in the correct folders to activate the plug-in, then install the new 2012 installer supplied in this discussion. Same as before, basically. This release is offered to our customers as a "thank you".

If you have any issues with this new update of tradigiTOOLS or questions about installations please use the Community discussions as a support resource first and only email us if you have not found a solution to your issue.

Thank you ALL for your support.


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Coupon Codes available again!!!

10/07 We've recently had to update our coupon codes for tradigiTOOLS purchases for AM students. The old codes do not (or should not) work anymore so we have changed the coupon phrase for AM students. If you are an AM student purchasing a NEW license of tradigiTOOLS, the discount information is available on the AM forums (and shortly on the Academics Programs page). Head on over to the AM site for further details.

For all other coupon codes and discounts, they should still be intact as is and the coupon field is now reactivated for use.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


P.S. If anyone has purchased a license in the passed week or two and hasn't received the discount associated with their coupon code, please email me personally at with further information about your purchase and I'll do my best to accomodate you and manually apply the appropriate discount.
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Coupon Codes

06/07 Our coupon system is having some technical difficulties so we have temporarily disabled the coupon input box for the time being. For discount options, customers will have to purchase a license of their choosing, contact us with the information of your purchase and which coupon code you intent to use and we will manually discount the purchase after the sale is made. We apologies for any delays and inconvenience this may cause.

On a related note...
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