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23/01: Links to Installers and Community Boards

Hello again FUNhouse friends!

We've had to temporarily shut the Community Boards down for a while we as make some updates and/or upgrade to our forum's software. Unfortunately that means access to downloads to installers and updates are no longer available so we've decided to post those link in this news update for our users convenience. Please forgive the inconvenience while we make some changes.

We appreciate you're continued support!

tradigiTOOLS 2012 for Windows
tradigiTOOLS 2012 for Mac OSX
tradigiTOOLS 2011 for Windows & Mac OSX (in a .zip file)
tradigiTOOLS 2010 for Windows & Mac OSX (in a .zip file)
tradigiTOOLS v1.21a for Windows (for Maya 7.x to 2009)
tradigiTOOLS v1.21a for Mac OSX (for Maya 7.x to 2009)

If there are any further question, issues with the links or you need help with tradigiTOOLS please feel free to email us directly at We'll do our best to help you out.


The FUNhouse Interactive Team.

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